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Drinks Menu

Hot Drinks


£2.50 per pot (serves 2+ cups. A vintage teacup & saucer, teapot & milk jug)
English breakfast, Yorkshire, Assam, Earl Grey, peppermint, Jasmine, berry, spiced orange, decaffeinated, fruit, berries, Red Bush
* (we will happily get your favourite in stock, please just ask)


Americano £2.50 (1 shot of coffee & hot water)
Latte £2.60 (1 shot of coffee with flat hot milk)
Cappuccino £2.80 (2 shots of coffee with frothy hot milk)
Mocha Mug £3 (1 shot of coffee topped with smooth hot chocolate)
Single espresso £1.50 Double £3

Hot Chocolate

made with steamed milk, squirty fresh cream, marshmallows & a biscuit, using only CADBURYS. £3.95

  • Luxury hot chocolate
  • Luxury Mint
  • Luxury banana & chocolate
  • Butterscotch & chocolate
  • Salted caramel
  • Toffee
  • Vanilla

Unicorn Hot Chocolate

£2.25 served in a kilner jar. Hot chocolate, squirty cream, marshmallows, sauce & unicorn sprinkles.

Cold Drinks

“Hearts Delight Farm” Fresh apple & Pear juice £2.75

“San Pellegrino” £2.20. Artisan Italian slightly sparkling fruit juices, (Limonata Pomegranate, Lemon & mint, Blood orange, Orange)

COCA-COLA £1.75 served with ice, Regular Cola or Diet cola
Fresh orange juice carton £1.50 Ribena carton £1.50

Standard Milkshakes
Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana or Raspberry £2.80 With cream & toppings £3

Luxury Milkshakes made with chilled milk, topped with cream & toppings £4.20

Banoffee – banana milk, cream & toffee sauce & toffee pieces

Oreo – chocolate milkshake, cream, mallows, topped with chocolate sauce with crumbled Oreo biscuit

“Malteser” – Ovaltine milkshake with cream & crumbled Maltesers & chocolate sauce

Butterscotch milkshake, squirty cream, butterscotch sauce with marshmallows

Luxury Triple Chocolate. Chocolate milkshake, squirty cream, chocolate sauce topped with chocolate chunks

Luxury Mint chocolate. Mint chocolate milkshake topped with squirty cream, chocolate sauce & crumbled mint Aero